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How to apply for an assistance dog

If the following scenarios sound familiar to you or someone you know then you may like to know more about our assistance dog services.

  • You’ve dropped your door keys; they are out of reach and there is no one around to help. It’s a cold wet day and all you want to do is get home.  Being in a wheelchair can stop you doing even the simplest of things.
  • You’re eleven years old and need a wheelchair to get around, while friends are always out playing football you’re stuck at home. Your mum even has to help you take your coat off.
  • Not being able to go anywhere as a family as your child who has autism just can’t cope with life outside. He finds lots of environments too overwhelming and just wants to run away.

Dogs for the Disabled creates exceptional partnerships between people living with disability and specially trained assistance dogs.

Assistance Dog Applications


Find out more about the assistance dog services we offer:

Adult assistance dog service (aged 17 years and over)

Children's assistance dog service (aged 7 – 16 years)

Autism services for children (aged 3 – 10 years)

Other services:

Find out about our PAWS serviceOther services

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Dogs for the Disabled is a member of Assistance Dogs UK  and Assistance Dogs International.