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    Our dogs

    Dogs for the Disabled’s  dogs are destined for very important roles.

    They can help a child or adult with disabilities become more independent,  support a family with a child with autism to no longer feel socially isolated, or  work as part of our animal assisted intervention services in schools and residential care settings. 

    It all starts with a tiny puppy. We carefully choose our puppies and also have a small breeding programme of our own. Find out more and meet some of our newest puppy recruits

    At around 14 months old they come into the National Training Centre to start their formal training. Our trainers work with each dog to find out what they enjoy, build confidence, and teach practical skills using reward based methods of training.

    Meet some of our dogs…

    Meet our dogs - HallieMy name is: Hallie

    I’m a: Female Black Labrador

    I’m in: Early training

    My trainer is: Geraldine

    I love: Toys – especially tennis balls! 


    Bella.jpgMy name is: Bella

    I’m a: Crossbreed Terrier

    I work as a: PAWS dog, carrying out demos at the workshops 

    I love: Hotdogs and cuddles on the sofa!


    Mia.jpgMy name is: Mia

    I’m a: Labrador x Collie

    I work as a: Children’s Assistance Dog

    I live with: Ciaran and his family

    I love: Playing tug of war and fetching Ciaran’s Wii remote for him!