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Sue and Byron Harvey with Max & Ziggy

Sue and Byron Harvey

Alone and feeling isolated by her disability, Sue almost gave up on life before her first assistance dog arrived. In a wheelchair since boyhood, the tragic loss of his childhood sweetheart devastated Byron.

In a truly inspiring story Sue and Byron Harvey were brought together in support and friendship, which blossomed into love and marriage, by the link between their original assistance dogs. Now they and their dogs Max, Ziggy (and retired Isis) show a love and care for one another that can scarcely be matched.  They tirelessly promote Dogs for the Disabled and have themselves raised tens of thousands of pounds.

Byron, Sue, Ziggy, Max and Isis have become a unique family. Together, with their dogs by their side, Sue and Byron are independent.  They may still be in their wheelchairs and face challenges everyday but to the outside world, they are people with dogs first, disabled second.

Watch Sue & Byron’s story

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